Wicked Moon Maine Coon Pet Contract


 $500 will be deposited to secure your kitten of choice. A kitten is NOT reserved until the deposit is paid. The deposit is included in the price of the kitten, $3,700. The remaining balance will be collected in cash only at pickup.  

Should the buyer decide against the purchase of the kitten in question the $500 deposit can be moved to a future litter or will be forfeited. 

If the kitten becomes ill while still in the breeders care after the deposit is paid the $500 deposit and any other money paid to the breeder will be returned to the buyer if another kitten is unavailable at that time. The breeder can refuse sale of the kitten at any time at which all money will be returned to the buyer. 


The breeder sells the cat as a pet only. The kitten has received a full round of vaccines and has been examined by a certified veterinarian before leaving the breeders home. 

The kitten is in progress of being registered into the CFA. 

The breeder guarantees that the kitten is a purebred Maine Coon with an accurate pedigree.  

The kitten will leave the breeder’s home only after the total amount due is paid and the sales agreement is signed. 


The buyer will not declaw the kitten. 

The buyer has 72 hours to take the kitten to the vet to ensure its health. If found seriously medically deficient the breeder will take the kitten back, return all money paid, under the condition that the breeder is provided with proper documentation from a veterinarian stating that the cat is seriously medically deficient; a second examination by a veterinarian of the breeders choice must take place to collaborate these claims before any money will be returned.  

The breeder agrees to provide a new kitten if the original kitten dies before the age of 12 months due to a genetically inherited malformation. The kitten must be examined and the cause of death must be confirmed. 

*The above health guarantee does not cover any other illnesses that have not been genetically inherited. Under no circumstance is the breeder responsible for any vet bills incurred by the buyer. 

4.Rights and Responsibilities 

The buyer agrees to provide necessary food, water, care and vetting for the kitten. 

The buyer agrees to immediately take the kitten to the vet when needed. 

The buyer agrees that the kitten will be indoor only (secured catio included). 

The buyer agrees to never cage the kitten for long periods of time or to desert it within a secluded part of the home.  

The buyer agrees to never give or sell the kitten to any person or business. 

If the buyer does not want to keep the kitten at any time for any reason the breeder is to be contacted immediately. The kitten will be returned to the breeder who will rehome or keep the kitten and no money will be returned to the buyer. 

The only other person to obtain ownership over the kitten other than the original buyer is the breeder, Megan Marucci. If the kitten is sold or gifted to another person legal action will be taken. 

The buyer understands that if the expectations of the contract are not met the kitten must be returned to the breeder with no refund. 

The kitten may not and will not be bred. If a pregnancy is conceived it must be aborted. If the purchased kitten does birth a litter legal action will be taken as breeding rights were not purchased.  


Both parties agree to stay in touch and the buyer can turn to the breeder for any advice regarding the kitten. 

The buyer should keep the breeder updated through pictures, videos and messages regarding the kitten throughout its life. These updates should include health, vetting, growth, ect. 

6. Breach of Contract 

 In the event the buyer is found to have violated ANY of the terms agreed upon in this contract the breeder may reclaim ownership of the kitten with no refund. The buyer will be liable for any vetting that the kitten is subject to upon return. 

Both parties have read, understand and agree to this contract.